Pressure Cleaner is Floating

Why is my pressure-side pool cleaner floating?

Are you having issues with your Polaris pressure cleaner floating in your pool? Here are a few things that could be causing the problem and how to fix them.

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3 Reasons Your Pressure-Side Cleaner May Be Floating Instead of Sinking

Check on these three things to see if they could be causing your pressure cleaner to float.

  1. The cleaner’s RPMs aren’t in the correct range

    A pressure cleaner’s RPMs (revolutions per minute) should be between 28-32 RPMs. To check the RPMs on your cleaner, mark the single-wheel side tire. Then, turn your pump on, hold the cleaner below water level, and count how many revolutions there are in one minute. If it’s below 28 or above 32, this could be what’s causing your pressure-side cleaner to float. Refer to your owner’s manual [Link to owner’s manual] for instructions on how to adjust the RPM.

  2. The head float is full of water

    If you hear water sloshing around in your head float, that might be what’s causing your pressure cleaner to float. Simply replace the head float with a new one, which you can get from your local pool professional, and your pressure-side cleaner should stop floating.

  3. The debris bag is dirty

    A dirty debris bag can be the source of your issue. Even microscopic debris or biofilm can be enough to trap air in the bag and cause it to float. Try running the cleaner without the bag to see if it still floats. If it doesn’t, then you just need to clean your bag. Use a mild soap, warm water and a soft brush to unclog and clean your debris bag.

Stop Your Polaris Pressure-Side Cleaner From Floating

These are the three most common reasons for a Polaris pressure cleaner to float. If these fixes don’t remedy your issue, be sure to reach out to your pool professional for additional troubleshooting help.

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