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The Polaris Limited Warranty

Polaris warrants that your Polaris products are free from production defects for one full year or more. Please refer to the Polaris Limited Warranty for a full list of terms and conditions.

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Registered Polaris Pool Cleaner Climbing Wall

Why You Should Register

Registering your equipment means never having to search for serial numbers or receipts later if you need product assistance. Online registration is quick and easy, and you can even apply for applicable rebates and extended warranties during the process. Click the registration link to enter your product and contact information.

Registering your products online or on paper is optional but recommended for your convenience. Our warranties automatically start on your purchase date, and we can validate your warranty with your receipt and serial numbers even without registration. But, because extended warranties and rebates must be submitted either by online product registration or via a paper application form, it’s in your best interest to register your product so you can access these benefits.

What's Covered in the Polaris Limited Warranty

Polaris warrants that your Polaris products are free from production defects for one full year or more. We know from experience that our products are dependable, but in case something does go wrong, we honor our warranties and deliver superior customer service to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Your limited warranty starts automatically at the time of purchase.

Read the Polaris Limited Warranty

One-Year Exclusive Warranty Badge
One-Year Limited Warranty

Suction-side pool cleaners, Pressure-side pool cleaners, Booster pumps, AG single-speed pumps, AG sand filters and sand filter system packs

Two-Year Exclusive Warranty Badge
Two-Year Limited Warranty

Robotic pool cleaners

Warranty Badge
Five-Year Limited Warranty

Frames for in-ground Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners

Note: Most replacement parts and products supplied as fixes under your original warranty become part of the original purchase and warranty period. This simply means that if we replace something under warranty, the original warranty period remains in effect. Purchased replacement parts are warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of retail purchase with the exception of electronic salt water chlorine generator cells and electrodes, and "Factory Rebuild Kits" for Polaris pressure cleaners, which are warranted for one (1) year. Please see the complete warranty for more information.

Free Extended Limited Warranty on Select In-Store Purchases

On specific products, Polaris offers an extended limited warranty when items are purchased in-store.

Find a participating store

Two-Year Extended Warranty Badge
One-Year Limited Warranty + One-Year Extended Warranty When Purchased In-Store

3900 Sport Pressure-Side Cleaner, TR35P Pressure-Side Cleaner, TR36P Pressure-Side Cleaner, TR28P Pressure-Side Cleaner, P39 Pressure-Side Cleaner, ATLAS XT Suction-Side Cleaner, ATLAS (Regional Exclusive) Suction-Side Cleaner, MAXX Suction-Side Cleaner, Quattro™ Sport Pressure-Side Cleaner, Quattro™ P40 Pressure-Side Cleaner, PB4SQ Booster Pump

Three-Year Extended Warranty Badge
Two-Year Limited Warranty + One-Year Extended Warranty When Purchased In-Store

VRX iQ+ Robotic Cleaner, Alpha™ iQ Robotic Cleaner, Alpha™ iQ+ Robotic Cleaner

What Falls Outside Your Polaris Warranty

For your peace of mind, the basic Polaris warranty guarantees your products are fully covered from defects in manufacturing. As with most product warranties, Polaris products are not covered for any other issues, such as issues arising from installation or operation. Additionally, there are some detailed exceptions. Please review the complete terms and conditions of your Polaris Limited Warranty.

Start a Claim or Get Help

Not sure if you should start a warranty claim? We’ll help you with the warranty process from start to finish.

Are your products already registered? The email you received after registering your product(s) has your registration details.

You do not need to register your products to start a warranty claim. Just have your serial number(s) handy along with a proof of purchase (such as a work order or receipt) to show the start date for your purchase.

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