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Three Automatic Pool Cleaning Options to Choose From

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Lineup
Robotic Pool Cleaners

You need a cleaner that performs without consuming too much energy, and our robotic pool cleaners deliver – simply plug into a GFCI outlet and press start.

Pressure Cleaner Side Profile View
Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

Heavy leaf litter and debris are no problem with our thoughtfully designed pressure-side pool cleaners. Water circulation is maximized by moving clean and heated water throughout the pool during the cycle.

Suction Side Pool Cleaner
Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

We’ve simplified pool cleaning with our durable suction-side pool cleaners that vacuum up dirt and grime into your pool’s filtration system.

Polaris Pool Cleaner Lineup

Which Pool Cleaner is the Right Fit?

Wondering which is the best pool cleaner for your needs? We break down the criteria to help you find a suction-side, pressure-side or robotic pool cleaner that fits your pool type, budget and goals.

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