Polaris ALPHA™ iQ

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The Polaris® ALPHA iQ features intelligent cleaning technologies that calculate the optimal cleaning time for your pool. Combined with the core capabilities of the iAquaLink® app on your smartphone, you can conveniently control and monitor the status of your cleaner allowing you to get your pool ready to go whenever you want. Powerful Vortex Vacuum technology and advanced 4WD provide exceptional performance while the Easy Lift Removal System and Easy Access Debris Canister make emptying debris hassle-free. Equipped with WiFi connectivity for on-the-go control and over-the-air performance updates, the ALPHA iQ only gets better over time.

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Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Features

Even More Control Anytime, Anywhere

with the iAquaLink app for your smart swimming pool robot

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Optimized Intellegent Cleaning Diagram
Sensor Nav System Diagram
SMART Cycle Cleaning Modes

Intelligent Cleaning Optimized for Your Pool

The Polaris ALPHA iQ™ delivers an enhanced pool cleaning experience with new modes, additional sensors and more efficient patterning for a smarter way to clean.

Thoroughly scans and measures your pool collecting pertinent information.

Adjusts and adapts to fluctuating factors — such as water depth and acceleration — for comprehensive cleaning while providing status updates, like water temperature, to your iAquaLink® app.

Complete cleaning in less time. SMART Cycle Cleaning Mode assesses your pool’s shape, size and surface material to calculate the optimal cleaning time needed to effectively and efficiently clean your entire pool.

Polaris ALPHA™ iQ Specifications

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