Polaris VacSweep Hose Gets Tangled

Why is the hose on my cleaner tangling?

A few things can cause the hose on a Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 to get tangled. Here are four solutions to try to stop it from happening.

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4 Solutions to Stop Your Cleaner’s Hose From Tangling

You shouldn’t have to constantly deal with a tangled hose. But, if the hose on your Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 pressure cleaner continues to tangle, here are four things to try.

  1. Remeasure the hose

    Verify that it’s adjusted to the proper length for the pool. While the hose is connected, walk around to the farthest point of your pool. The hose end should be within six inches – longer or shorter – of the farthest point. If it isn’t, either cut the excess length or add a new hose section.

  2. Check the swivels

    Turn on your Polaris cleaner to see if the swivels on the hose and hose connections are turning freely. If not, this could be your issue.

  3. Look at the feed hose

    The feed hose should be floating. If it isn’t, this could be why your hose keeps tangling. Waterlogged hose floats and old hoses can sometimes sink. If your hose floats are full of water or you have an old hose, you might need to replace them.

  4. Check the wheels

    Turn your Vac-Sweep 360 cleaner off, and spin each of the wheels with your hand. All the wheels should turn together. If they don’t, this might be your problem.

Enjoy a Tangle-Free Pressure Cleaner

These are the most common fixes for a tangled Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 hose. If one of these four solutions don’t fix your issue, reach out to your local pool professional for help.

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