Pressure cleaner hose is tangling

Why is my pressure-side pool cleaner hose tangling?

There are several common reasons why your pressure-side pool cleaner’s hose is tangling. Let’s go over those reasons and how to remedy them.

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4 Reasons Why Your Hose is Tangling

Here are four of the most common reasons your pressure-side pool cleaner hose might be tangling, plus some fixes to try.

  1. Improper Hose Length: Excess length can cause the hose to tangle and make it impossible to untangle itself with its swivels.
    • How to fix it: While the hose is connected, walk around to the farthest point of your pool. The hose end should be within six inches – longer or shorter – of the farthest point. If your hose is too long, separate the hose at the center swivel, and cut equal amounts of the overage from each ten-foot feed hose section.
  2. Incorrect Head and Hose Float Position: Proper float positions help provide better vertical lift and keep your pressure cleaner from dragging through the hose.
    • How to fix it: The head float position should be ½” to 1” behind the feed pipe mast. You should also verify that you have a host float right behind the backup valve and other host floats evenly spaced along the other hose segments.
  3. Temperature Below 60 Degrees: If it’s too cold outside, it can cause the pressure cleaner hose to stiffen up and lose its flexibility and ability to untangle.
    • How to fix it: Wait until the water warms up before attempting to untangle the hose.
  4. The Wrong RPMs: For your cleaner to function properly, it needs to have the right wheel revolutions per minute (RPM). For optimum results, it should be between 28-32 RPM.
    • How to fix it: To check the RPMs on your cleaner, mark the single-wheel side tire. Then, turn your pump on, hold the cleaner below water level, and count how many revolutions there are in one minute. If it’s below 28 or above 32, this could be what’s causing your hose to tangle. Refer to your manual for instructions on how to adjust RPM issues.
Untangling the Hose on Your Pressure Cleaner

Those are the four most common reasons your pressure-side cleaner hose continues to tangle. If these remedies don’t fix your problem, you may have a retained hose memory problem and need to get a new hose. Or you may have a malfunction of the backup valve. If you feel like these are your issues, please contact your local pool professional for help.

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