Polaris Quattro Stuck On Steps

How do I stop my Polaris Quattro™ Sport from getting stuck on my steps?

Is your Polaris Quattro™ Sport pool cleaner getting stuck on the steps in your pool? Here are some solutions to remedy the issue.

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6 Solutions to Stop Your Polaris Quattro™ Sport From Getting Stuck On the Pool Steps

These six solutions are the most common fixes to prevent the Polaris Quattro™ Sport pressure-side cleaner from getting stuck on the stairs.

  1. Check the wheel RPM:

    Your target wheel speed should be between 28-32 RPM. If your cleaner’s wheels aren’t in the target range, check out Section 7 in the owner’s manual under “Adjust Wheel Speed” to get your wheels back in range.

  2. Check the filter canister for debris:

    If there’s debris in the filter canister, clean it out, and see if that fixes the issue.

  3. Ensure the hose is floating and that the hose floats are positioned properly:

    Position the first float up against the feed hose connector. Then, space the additional hose floats 1-3 feet apart.

  4. Adjust the thrust jet:

    Loosen the square nut on the thrust jet with a wrench to change the setting and tighten it to secure it back in place. For a more detailed step-by-step process for adjusting your thrust jet, refer to Section 8 in the owner’s manual under “Fine Tuning.”

  5. Remove any unnecessary hardware:

    Get rid of any roadblocks in your pool. Alternatively, consider installing a Ladder Guard Kit (part # G21) from your Polaris dealer.

  6. Install a Back-Up valve accessory:

    If you opt for this option, you might need additional hose nuts and a swivel. Be sure to position the back-up valve and its adjacent hose float 6-8 feet away from the cleaner. (These are parts #G62, black, and #G52, white)

Get Your Polaris Quattro Sport Cleaner Un-Stuck

These six solutions should stop your Polaris Quattro™ Sport from getting stuck on the stairs. For more details on the Polaris Quattro™ Sport, please refer to the owner’s manual

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