Canister Capacity For Polaris Quattro

What is the Canister Capacity for the Polaris Quattro™?

The Polaris Quattro™ is a powerful pressure-side cleaner that aggressively climbs walls and brushes up to the waterline.

But, unlike traditional pressure cleaners, The Polaris Quattro™ doesn’t have a visible debris bag, so it’s harder to visually tell how much debris the cleaner can hold at a time. So, how much can the canister hold?

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The Polaris Quattro™ Debris Canister Capacity

Instead of a debris bag, the Polaris Quattro™ has an internal debris canister with a capacity of 3.5L.

For a frame of reference, 3.5L is larger than the common debris bags on the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 and Polaris Vac-Sweep 380.

Additionally, The Polaris Quattro features dual-stage filtration which enables it to collect both fine and large debris into the canister.

Plenty of Cleaning Capacity

In short, the Polaris Quattro™ debris canister has a capacity of 3.5L – more debris capacity than the common debris bags on our 380 and 280 models.

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