Calking In Pressure Cleaner Is Sloppy

Why is the calking inside my Polaris pressure-side cleaner sloppy, and will it affect its function?

Have you noticed uneven calking inside your Polaris pressure-side cleaner? Don’t worry, there’s no need for concern. Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about the calking inside your Polaris pressure cleaner.

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The Impact of the Imperfect Calking

First of all, it’s important to note that this is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product. In other words, it’s genuine!

The sealant you’re seeing is put inside the cleaner to protect the bearings and other key components from the potential of binding up as the Venturi Jets pull sand and other fine debris through the cleaner.

While the application of this sealant may look uneven, it does not impact the cleaner’s performance or outward appearance.

No Need to Stress: The Calking is Intentional

To recap, we’re aware of the calking looking uneven. But, for now, it’s the best way to ensure the cleaner is protected. Just know that it doesn’t impact the outward appearance or function of your pressure cleaner.

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