When To Empty Pressure Cleaner Debris Bag

When should I empty my pressure-side pool cleaner’s debris bag?

The debris bag is an essential component of your Polaris pressure-side cleaner. Here are some best practices and tips to improve your pressure cleaner’s performance and keep your debris bag in good shape.

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4 Tips for Optimizing Your Debris Bag Performance

Here are four top tips to ensure you get the best performance from your pressure-side pool cleaner with the debris bag.

  1. Empty your bag when it’s halfway full

    Emptying your bag at the halfway-full mark prevents the cleaner from tipping and keeps it functioning optimally.

  2. Increase the emptying frequency in the case of heavy debris

    If you tend to have heavier debris, empty the bag before the halfway point.

  3. Keep two bags on hand

    Having two bags makes cleaning your debris bag a bit more convenient. You can leave a bag out to dry and put the alternate one on, so you never have to disrupt your cleaning cycles. The added benefit is that it’s much easier to dump debris from a dry bag. Having two debris bags allows you to wait until the first debris bag is dry to clean it without any interruption.

  4. Make sure you’re using the right bag

    There are different types of debris bags for various kinds of debris. We have debris bags meant specifically for leaves, ones for sand and silt and some all-purpose options, too.

Optimize Your Pressure-Side Cleaner with Debris Bag Best Practices

If you put the four tips above into practice, you can use your debris bag to improve your Polaris pressure cleaner’s performance.

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