Pool Cleaner Stuck

Why is my pool cleaner stuck?

Does your Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep pool cleaner keep getting stuck? If so, here are several things to try right now to get your pressure cleaner moving again to cover your entire pool.

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5 Things to Check to Get Your Cleaner Unstuck

Here are five things to check to get your cleaner moving.

  1. Verify the proper flow by counting the wheel revolutions per minute, and make sure the RPM is between 28-32 RPMs
  2. Make sure the back-up valve is cycling on and off about every three minutes
  3. Adjust the Thrust Jet to change the directional path of the cleaner. NOTE: The factory position for the Thrust Jet is set to straight back, but other settings might work better for your pool. (Keep in mind that the 11 ‘o’clock position optimizes random turning)
  4. Ensure the hose length reaches within six inches of the farthest point of your pool. If it doesn’t, order a new hose section from your Polaris dealer
  5. With the pump running, run the cleaner head upside down and verify the three vacuum jets have consistent, unobstructed flow

These five things should help you get your pool cleaner moving again.

Dealing With a Stuck Cleaner

If these five solutions don’t fix your issue, be sure to refer to the owner’s manual for more detailed advice or contact your local pool professional for help.

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