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How do I adjust the float hose on my Polaris cleaner? (Vac-Sweep 65, Vac-Sweep 165, and Turbo Turtle)

The float hose on your Polaris pressure-side cleaner has to be adjusted to fit your pool so that the cleaner will work correctly. Here’s how to measure and adjust the float hose on your Polaris Vac-Sweep 65, Polaris Vac-Sweep 165, and Polaris Turbo Turtle.

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How to Adjust Your Cleaner’s Float Hose to Fit Your Pool’s Depth and Length

Follow these steps to adjust the sweep and float hose on your Polaris pressure cleaner.

To adjust your sweep hose to fit your pool’s depth:

  1. Measure the deepest part of your pool
  2. Add two feet to this measurement to determine the correct length for the sweep hose
  3. If the sweep hose is longer than the measured amount, cut off the excess hose

To adjust your float hose to fit your pool’s length:

  1. With the float hose attached to the pool wall at the return line, extend the hose to the farthest point of the pool
  2. The end of the hose should be four feet shorter than this point
  3. If your hose is too long, cut the excess float hose.
  4. Then, remove the hose connector from the excess hose piece and attach it to the new end of the float hose
Get Your Hose to Fit Your Pool

Your pressure cleaner’s float hose needs to be adjusted to your pool for it to function optimally. Follow the steps outlined above to do just that.

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