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Can I Use Parts From Other Manufacturers?

Can I use parts from other manufacturers on my Polaris pressure-side cleaner?

Are you curious about using generic parts for your Polaris pressure-side cleaner? While the cost might seem cheaper upfront, the long-term cost of using knock-off parts can be much higher.

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The Importance of Genuine Pool Parts: Why it Matters

We always urge customers to purchase genuine parts for several reasons. First, it’s important to know that generic parts are never manufactured to the same quality as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

As manufacturers, we know the exact specifications and have used quality assurance testing to identify the ideal materials for optimal performance and the longest usable life. In other words, we manufacture our parts with your experience in mind.

Generic part manufacturers simply use the base specs to produce the cheapest possible part with no regard for quality or durability, which may lead to bigger, more expensive equipment issues down the road – and no one wants that!

Save Yourself the Headache and Costs

While generic pool parts might be a little cheaper upfront, OEM parts deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. When you buy Genuine Polaris Parts you can trust they’ve been designed and manufactured with quality and performance in mind.

Save yourself the headache and long-term costs of using generic parts and buy Genuine Polaris Parts from the start. Contact a pool professional for assistance.

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