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How can I tell when my robotic cleaner brushes are worn out and need to be replaced?

Are you wondering if your Polaris robotic cleaner brushes are worn and need to be replaced? Here’s a quick way to check your robotic cleaner’s brushes.

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Check your Polaris robotic cleaner’s brush wear indicator.

Your Polaris robotic cleaner has a simple way to tell whether you need to replace your brushes. To check if your brushes are too worn to work optimally, you’ll need to take a look at the brush wear indicator line.

Simply spin the cleaner wheels until you find the brush wear indicator, a line across one of the brush fins. If there’s no line between the indicator and the brush, then it’s time to replace the brush.

Brush Wear Indicator

Change your robotic cleaner brushes to maximize performance

In addition to replacing the brushes on your robotic cleaner when the indicator line is no longer visible, you should also change your brushes seasonally to ensure optimal cleaning performance. Contact a Polaris dealer for assistance with purchasing new cleaner brushes.

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