Polaris robotic cleaner going in a random pattern

Polaris Robotic Cleaner in Pool

Why is my Polaris robotic cleaner going in a random pattern?

Did you recently purchase a Polaris robotic cleaner, and now it’s moving around your pool in a random pattern? Don’t fret. Here’s what’s likely going on.

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It’s All Part of the Process.

Our robotic cleaners are designed to move randomly, but they know where they’re going and where they’ve been. Your entire pool will be covered and cleaned once the cleaning cycle ends.

The Polaris ALPHA™ iQ+ and ALPHA™ iQ robotic cleaners will clean in a random pattern while they learn your pool. This “pattern” might seem inefficient at first, but pretty soon, your cleaner will have the shape of your pool completely mapped out.

Pool Mapping Just Looks Random

It’s normal for your Polaris robotic cleaner to appear to move around randomly, but it’s actually cleaning every inch of your pool. With our ALPHA line of products, your cleaner will learn your pool’s shape, and over time, its movement will become more regulated and customized — enabling it to clean as efficiently as possible.

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