Adjust the thrust jet on Polaris Quattro

Polaris Quattro Sport in Pool

How do I adjust the thrust jet on my Polaris Quattro™?

The thrust jet powers the direction of your Polaris Quattro pressure-side cleaner. The factory position of the thrust jet is three o’clock. But, if you aren’t getting the coverage you need, you might need to adjust the thrust jet setting. Here’s how.

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How to Adjust the Thrust Jet Position and Flow

To adjust the thrust jet position, simply use a wrench to loosen the square nut; fine-tune the position and then tighten it to secure.

Turn the square nut counterclockwise to decrease the flow, and clockwise to increase it.

Adjust Your Thrust Jet to Improve Cleaner Coverage

If your Polaris Quattro isn’t providing enough coverage for your pool, adjust the thrust jet using the tips above. Doing so should improve your cleaner’s coverage.

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