Warranty Claim On Booster Pump

Can I claim the warranty on my Polaris booster pump?

Are you having issues with your Polaris PB4-60 booster pump? If so, we’re happy to honor your warranty as long as certain conditions are met. Let’s talk about one of those conditions.

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The Importance of Professional Installation on Polaris Pumps

For us to warrant the PB4-60 booster pump, it must have been installed by a qualified professional – and there’s a good reason for that.

Electrical wiring and plumbing are required for the installation of booster pumps. In addition, it also requires general knowledge of how to install pool equipment. If someone without knowledge of electrical wiring, plumbing and pool equipment installs this pump, it may lead to costly product and equipment damage.

As a result, we cannot warrant this booster pump if it wasn’t installed by a qualified pool professional.

It’s Also About Safety

This requirement for professional installation doesn’t just protect us. It also protects you from serious safety risks and ensures the product performs properly for years to come.

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