Pool still dirty after running Polaris robotic pool cleaner

Polaris Robotic Cleaner Filter Canister

Why is my pool still dirty after running my Polaris robotic pool cleaner?

There are a few reasons why your pool may still be dirty after running your Polaris robotic cleaner. Let’s run through those possible scenarios.

3 Reasons Your Pool Still Has Debris After Running Your Robotic Cleaner

These are the three most common reasons you might still have debris in your pool, plus some solutions for remedying the issues.

  1. The filter canisters in our robotic cleaners can only hold so much debris.If your pool has more debris than usual or if it’s the first time introducing the robot to your pool, there may be too much debris for a single cleaning cycle. If this is the case, consider running your pool robot more than once a day or manually cleaning your pool until the debris is manageable for your robotic cleaner.
  2. The canister is filling up too quickly.If the debris canister is filling up quickly, you may need to empty the canister more often. There should be no visible debris in the canister when you return it to the pool robot.
  3. There’s a debris build-up.Your filter canister needs to be brushed gently with a soft brush and mild soap on occasion to prevent fine debris build-up.

Try these simple tricks to get your pool totally clean.

Getting Rid of Dirt and Debris

To get your pool completely free of dirt and debris:

  • Run your robot more than once a day
  • Empty the canister more frequently
  • Clean the filter canister with a soft brush and mild soap

If none of these solutions work, please call us directly at 1-(800)-822-7933.

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