How can I keep my cleaner from getting stuck on the main drain?

Is your Polaris pool cleaner getting stuck on the main drain? There’s a simple solution to get your cleaner moving again.

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The Unibridge Cover

If your pool cleaner sticks on the drain, your may need our Unibridge cover to solve this problem. The Unibridge outlet cover fits over most raised suction outlet covers, creating a surface for the pool cleaner to travel over without obstruction.

It comes in three colors to match your pool:

  • 5820 white
  • 5825 gray
  • 5830 blue

Using the Unibridge cover should resolve your issue.

Stop Your Cleaner from Getting Stuck on the Main Drain

Once you put the Unibridge on your main drain, your Polaris pool cleaner shouldn’t get stuck anymore.

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