How can I improve my Polaris 8050 Sport or Polaris P825 robotic cleaner’s wall-climbing ability?

Several things can cause issues with your Polaris P825 or Polaris 8050 Sport climbing your pool wall. Here are some ways to improve your cleaner’s wall-climbing ability.

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Improve the Wall-Climbing Ability of Your Polaris P825 or 8050 Sport Robotic Cleaner

From simple troubleshooting tips to best practices, here are all the ways to improve your robotic cleaner’s climbing.

  1. Ensure the cleaner is on Floor/Wall mode.
  2. Make sure the Surface Control System™ (SCS) is set to 4 if you have a smooth pool surface.
  3. Make sure the cleaner cable enters the pool at the center of its length to improve climbing performance.
  4. Most of the time, the main culprit for climbing issues is a clogged debris canister. Be sure to rinse the debris canister after every cycle and periodically use mild soap and a soft brush to dislodge any microscopic debris that could be impeding flow.
  5. Do a shock treatment to reduce the pH levels in the pool. DO NOT leave the cleaner in during this treatment.

If these five solutions don’t improve your cleaner’s wall-climbing action, take a look at the brushes. Are the keys on the sides of the brushes popping out? If so, you might need to take it to your pool professional for repair.

Best Practices to Improve Your Cleaner’s Wall Climbing

If your Polaris P825 or Polaris 8050 Sport pool cleaner struggles to climb the walls, give these best practices and tips a try.

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