G52 Back-Up Valve

Compatible with Genuine Polaris Pressure-Side Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaners

SKU #G52

The Polaris Backup Valve Replacement Kit (G52) is built specifically for Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners - the global leader in pressure cleaning. The G52 is white in color and compatible with vac-sweep cleaners including the 280, 280 TankTrax, 380, TR28P, 180, and 480 PRO. For manufacturer support on original equipment or Polaris genuine parts contact Polaris directly with proof of purchase.

  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: The Backup Valve opens every 3 minutes for 30 seconds allowing the cleaner to backup and change directions. This prevents any stoppage, allowing the cleaner to cover the full size of the pool.

G52 Back-Up Valve Features

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