Why is my Polaris 7240 not moving?

Has your Polaris 7240 robotic cleaner stopped moving? Here are some steps to take if it isn’t moving.

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4 Steps to Get Your Polaris 7240 Moving Again

Work through these steps in order and see if this process solves your issue.

  • Step One: Remove the tracks and inspect the gears for debris jams.
  • Step Two: Remove any stuck debris.
  • Step Three: Spin the tracks and see whether the wheels turn freely now.
  • Step Four: If there was no debris in the gears and the tracks and brushes still don’t move, you will need to take your cleaner to a local service station.

If you do have to take your robotic cleaner to your local service station, they’ll be able to test your cleaner with a Gen II diagnostic box and identify what’s causing your issue.

Get Moving

Take these four simple steps to get your Polaris robotic cleaner back in action.

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