Water cloudy after using Polaris robotic pool cleaner

Polaris Filter Canister

Why is my water cloudy after using my Polaris robotic pool cleaner?

Is your pool water cloudy after running your Polaris robotic cleaner? If so, there might be an issue with your canister.

The Right Canister for the Job

When cloudy water is still a problem even after running your Polaris robotic cleaner, it means that the general purpose filter canister (included with the cleaner) may not be the canister you need for your specific debris type.

We offer three different filter canister types for our Polaris ALPHA™, EPIC™ and 9650iQ cleaners:

If your water is cloudy, your filter canister might not be catching the finer debris in your pool. The Fine Debris Canister (R0517800) or Ultra Fine Canister (R0535800) might be a better option for your pool.

Cloudy Water? Try a Different Filter Canister.

A filter canister that is designed for fine debris can prevent your water from being cloudy after running your Polaris robotic cleaner. Consider trying a filter canister other than the general purpose canister to see if it makes a difference. Keep in mind, if you use one of the fine debris canisters, you’ll need to brush them gently with a soft brush and mild soap occasionally to prevent debris build-up. Contact your local pool professional to purchase the right canister for your needs.

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