Pressure Cleaner Spraying Outside

How do I stop my pressure cleaner from spraying outside the pool?

Is your Polaris pressure-side cleaner spraying water outside the pool? Is it spraying water on your walkways, windows and landscaping? If you want to prevent your Polaris cleaner from spraying water outside the pool, we have a solution for you.

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Polaris TailSweep PRO® Learn more
The TailSweep PRO®

The TailSweep Pro is a simple retrofit accessory specially made to prevent your Polaris pressure-side cleaner’s sweep hose from spraying water out of the pool. It works by diffusing water from your sweep hose. As an added bonus, this innovative accessory delivers 50% more flow through its jet pump propulsion to improve sweeping, too.

The TailSweep Pro fits on any Polaris three-wheeled pressure-side pool cleaner and snaps right onto the end of the sweep hose. It doesn’t require any extra tools, and it takes less than a minute to install.

Stop the Spray

If you want to stop water from spraying from the sweep hose of your Polaris pressure cleaner, try the TailSweep Pro. Find it at your local pool store.

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