Do I have to use a GFCI outlet on my Polaris robotic pool cleaner?

Do you need to use a GFCI outlet for your Polaris robotic pool cleaner? In short, yes. Here’s why.

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The Importance of GFCI

A GFCI outlet is a special kind of circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the power in the case of an electrical fault. They’re installed in damp areas (like around your pool) because they can significantly reduce your risk of injury.

For this reason, you’re required to connect your Polaris cleaner directly to a GFCI outlet and not use an extension cord for your protection. Not following these guidelines will void the product warranty.

Flexible Cable Lengths Make Connecting To a GFCI Outlet a Breeze

Our robotic cleaners have long cable lengths to make connecting to a GFCI outlet easy.

For example, the Polaris 9550 Sport comes with a 70-foot-cable between the cleaner and the control box and can be used on pools up to 60 feet long. If you drop the cleaner in the center of the pool, around 35-40 feet of additional cable will be available outside the pool for flexible placement.

Most pools have a GFCI outlet within approximately 30-feet of their perimeter, making it easy to plug your Polaris robotic cleaner into a GFCI outlet.

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