Suction Pool Cleaners

Let a Polaris suction-side pool cleaner handle your routine pool cleaning — so you can relax.

Suction Pool Cleaner Cleaning Pool Wall
Polaris Suction Pool Cleaner

Focus on the Fun In Your Debris-Free Pool

Keeping your pool clean has never been easier. Polaris suction-side pool cleaners work like vacuum attachments for your existing pump and filter system.

Suction Pool Cleaner Benefits

The Easiest Solution
Suction Pool Cleaner Cleaning Pool Wall

Hassle-Free Pool Cleaning

Pop in the hose, drop the unit in the pool and relax. Polaris suction pool cleaners act like a self-powered vacuum cleaner in your pool.

Woman Relaxing in Clean Pool

No Additional Chores

Because suction pool cleaners use your existing filter, you don’t have to clean out a separate debris bag.

Cyclonic Scrubbing Example

Cyclonic Scrubbing

Depending on the model, gentle built-in scrubbing brushes deliver a superior clean.

How Suction-Side Pool Cleaners Work

How it Moves

The pool pump powers the cleaner to move back and forth across the pool floor and climb up the walls

Suction Input

Suction from the pool pump pulls debris into the unit

Output to Filter

Debris is collected in the existing pool filter