Polaris PB4SQ

PB4SQ Booster

Polaris PB4SQ Frequently asked questions

The PB4SQ comes with 4 Quick Connect fittings and a 6’ length of Polaris Softube® for installation.
The multistage design progressively pressurizes the water as it passes through each stage – effectively moving more water with less energy.
The cleaner should be checked for proper speed after installation of the PB4SQ booster pump and any necessary adjustments made.
It is much quieter than the PB4-60 and has been designed with a TEFC motor and new fan that reduces noise.
TEFC stands for Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled. It is a motor that does not permit outside air and requires a fan to cool it. TEFC motors are generally more durable and operate quieter than open motors.