39-310 All-Purpose SuperBag

Compatible with Genuine Polaris Pressure-Side Vac-Sweep Pool Cleaners

SKU #39-310

The Polaris 39-310 Superbag is a large, double-chambered replacement filtration bag designed specifically for Polaris 3900 Sport or P39 pressure-side vac-sweep pool cleaners. The 39-310 Superbag is gray in color and expands to hold up to 5 liters of large and small debris within the dual-zippered chambers; giving almost twice as much debris capacity as a single chamber Polaris bag.

  • PREMIUM PERFORMANCE: Up to 5 liters of double chamber debris capacity. The Polaris proprietary zipper enclosure is designed to securely keep debris in the bag during cleaning and makes opening and emptying the bag simple. The Superbag easily connects to the cleaner head and can be detached when removing debris.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The Superbag comes equipped with a Polaris proprietary zipper enclosure, double bag functionality, easy connect, easy disconnect for debris removal.

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39-310 All-Purpose SuperBag Features

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