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Everything About AG Pool Pumps

Everything You Need to Know About Above-Ground Pool Pumps

A pool pump is one of the most important pieces of equipment for above-ground pools. It’s part of your pool’s plumbing and filtration system, and it’s essential for keeping your pool water clean and fresh.

Whether you’re buying your first pool pump or you’re shopping for a new one, learning what above-ground pool pumps do and how they work is the first step toward ensuring you choose the right one for your pool.

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What Does an Above-Ground Pool Pump Do?

The pump is the heart of your above-ground swimming pool. It circulates water through your pool’s filtration system, helping keep your water clear and clean. Essentially, the pool pump’s job is to move water from your pool into your pool’s filtration system, where it can be cleaned.

If you didn’t have a pool pump, there would be no way for the water to travel through your pool’s filtration system. In other words, to maintain clean and safe water to swim in, you must have a pool pump to keep water circulated as stagnant water can act as an incubator for harmful bacteria and parasites.

The Parts of the Whole

Every pump is slightly different, but they all have similar parts, including a motor, an impeller and a strainer basket.

  • The Motor: Powers the impeller. Sometimes the motor is called the pump
  • The Impeller: Has fast-rotating blades that suck water in and push it through the filter
  • The Strainer Basket: Serves as a pre-filter, collecting any debris that could cause an obstruction in the impeller
How Above-Ground Pool Pumps Work: Step-By-Step

Every pool pump works slightly differently and offers different advantages. Here at Polaris, we’re proud to offer The Forza Above-Ground Pool Pump.

The Forza Above-Ground Pool Pump works like this:

  1. The motor runs at 3450 RPM (revolutions per minute).
  2. The impeller draws water from your pool to the pump.
  3. The water flows through the strainer basket.
  4. The impeller pushes the water out of the pump and into the filtration system.
Above-Ground Pool Pumps vs. In-Ground Pool Pumps

Above-ground pool pumps like the Forza Above-Ground Pool Pump are designed especially for above-ground pools. Most above-ground pool pumps come with a plug that you can plug right into a GFCI outlet, whereas in-ground pool pumps require electrical hardwiring.

In general, an above-ground pool pump is smaller and has less power than an in-ground pool pump, and is usually installed below the water level so it doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job.

As a result, above-ground pool pumps are less expensive than the in-ground alternative. While you can buy an in-ground pool pump for your above-ground pool, there’s really no reason to do so because an above-ground pool has different needs than an in-ground pool.

In-ground pools also tend to have added features that necessitate higher power output from a pool pump. For example, waterfalls and jets may be added to in-ground pools, whereas these features aren’t options in above-ground pools that usually have a simpler setup.

(It’s worth noting that the opposite doesn’t apply. In other words, you can’t use an above-ground pool pump on an in-ground pool.)

How Do I Clean My Above-Ground Pump?

Always refer directly to the manufacturer and your pump’s user manual for specific instructions. In general, the only thing you need to do to keep your above-ground pool pump clean is to empty the basket at least once a week. Be sure to turn off your pump before opening and emptying your basket.

If you’re ever in doubt about how to clean or operate your pump, always reach out to your pool professional for help.

What Size Above-Ground Pool Pump Do I Need?

It’s important to select a pump that’s big enough for your above-ground pool so that it can effectively circulate and clean the amount of water in the pool. So, what size pool pump do you need?

Choose an above-ground pool pump that can cycle all the water in your pool at least once every twelve hours. You’ll need to know how many gallons are in your pool to find a pump that’s the right size to reach the turnover rate of one time per twelve hours.

In other words, choose an above-ground pump that has a GPH (gallons per hour) or GPM (gallons per minute) rate that’s fast enough to cycle your entire pool every twelve hours. For example, a round pool that’s 54 inches in height and 15 feet in diameter contains 5,980 gallons of water. To fully cycle the water in this pool, the right above-ground pump would move 500 gallons per hour or just over eight gallons per minute.

When in doubt about the right size pump, ask your pool professional. They’ll be able to guide you to a pool pump that can handle your pool’s size.

Choosing the Best Above-Ground Pool Pump for My Pool

When choosing an above-ground pool pump, the best option is to select a pool pump that is designed specifically for above-ground pools.

The Forza Above-Ground Pool Pump provides powerful and quiet operation and stress-free maintenance, making it easy for you to keep your pool running all season long.

To learn more about the Forza or get more information about above-ground pool pumps in general, reach out to your local pool professional today.

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