Specialty Pressure Cleaners

Owning a Polaris pressure cleaner brings benefits like:

  • Reduced maintenance because large debris including pebbles and leaves collect in the cleaner's filter bag, and goes directly to the trash, which improves sanitation and extends your pool's filter cycle.
  • A healthier pool as independent booster pump operation* keeps the skimmer free to remove surface debris and contaminants for a cleaner swimming experience
  • Maximized circulation and heating that helps eliminate cold spots and dead areas where algae might tend to grow because Polaris pressure cleaners circulate clean, treated, and heated water throughout your pool.
*For maximum efficiency, use the powerful Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump, which drives our Polaris 280, 380, and 3900 Sport models.

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Compare Pressure Pool Cleaner Models

Choose a Model Polaris 3900 Sport Pressure Pool Cleaner Polaris Quattro P40 Polaris P39 Pressure Pool Cleaner
Polaris P39
Polaris P38 Pressure Pool Cleaner
Polaris P38
Venturi Jets 3 3 3
Vacuum Inlet 2 ¾" 2 ½" 2 ¼"
Drive Mechanism 4WD All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain All-Wheel Belt Drive
Tires Classic, Black WideTrax® Classic, Black
Requires Booster Pump Yes Yes Yes
Auto Back-Up Yes Yes Yes
Debris Bag Easy-Clean Debris Canister with Dual-Stage Filtration Dual Chamber SuperBag Single Chamber
Pool Type/Surface Inground/All Inground/All Inground/All
TailSweep Pro Compatible Yes, Included Yes Yes