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on the NEW Polaris EPIC™ 8642 iQ robotic pool cleaner

Advanced cleaning with convenient app control

Clean your pool regardless where you are… With the convenience of iAquaLink® app control for on-the-go cleaning, the Polaris EPIC™ 8642 iQ robotic pool cleaner offers enhanced maneuverability and vigorous scrubbing action to thoroughly clean your pool’s floor, walls and waterline. Even maintenance is made easy with hassle-free features, making the Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ a robust robotic cleaner that gets the job done.

Power, Agility and Convenient Control

Take control of your robotic pool cleaner … on the go!

The EPIC 8642 iQ connects to home WiFi, giving you access anytime, anywhere with the iAquaLink® app. You can Start/Stop a cleaning cycle, view the cycle timer, choose your cleaning mode, initiate the lift system, and receive troubleshooting — all from the palm of your hand.

  • Connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access
  • Receives over-the-air performance updates
  • Remote control with targeted spot cleaning
  • Convenience at your fingertips

Premium Robotic Cleaning Features

Easy to Remove

Retrieve at waterline. Water evacuates for light removal.

Easy to Clean

Remove, shake, spray. Never touch debris again.

Easy to Store

Premium caddy included. Easy assembly, no tools.

Tangle-Reducing Swivel

Low-torque, waterproof. Swivel keeps cable from tangling during operation.


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