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About USA Polaris Days Events

USA Polaris Days is the can't miss event for huge savings on your purchase of the latest Polaris pool cleaners.

We have partnered with U.S. retailers nationwide to offer massive in-season rebates and exclusive offers for these special events only! Find an event now and come celebrate Polaris Days for:

  • The Best Deals of the Year
  • Professional Cleaner Tune-Ups
  • Limited Special Offers
  • Giveaways
  • ...and More!

Polaris Days are only being offered in the United States at this time.

Huge Sale with Polaris Rebates! Download Now.

Valid on purchases made April 1st, 2015 through September 7th, 2015.


Spend $899 or more on a Polaris 3900 Sport or Polaris P39 & Get $200

Spend $699 or more on a Polaris 380 & Get $100

Spend $599 or more on a Polaris 360 & Get $50

IMPORTANT: Any discount or promotion that lowers the purchase price below the required spend amount will void the rebate. Exceptions to qualifying prices granted only during Polaris Days event or other approved promotion.

Qualifying Models: Polaris 3900 Sport, Polaris 360, Polaris 360 Black Max™, Polaris 380

Non-Qualifying Models: Polaris 9550 Sport, Polaris 9450 Sport, Polaris P955, Polaris P945, Polaris 9300xi, Polaris 9400, Polaris 9100, Polaris P94, Polaris P93, Polaris 180, Polaris 280 models, Polaris P38, GYP8, Polaris TR35P, Polaris 9350, Polaris P825, Aboveground cleaners (all models)

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